We are an Italian company specialized in lingerie since 1971.

Since those years of revolution and vindication of the female body, we have understood how important it is to listen to women and identify with their needs, dictated by the times, by their way of being, by their desire to feel comfortable and desirable. We have worked so that our Brand combines, in a unique product, all our know-how as corsetters craftsmen with the creativity of new trends and the quality of our materials and processing methods.

We have created garments famous in the world for the high fit and sensuality of the lines. We have been able to expand in the fashion industry and continue to do so, always diversifying our offer and producing millions of garments loved by women from over 20 countries.


Lormar was born in Carpi, in the heart of the Emilian district of corsetry and in that of its founders, Felice Martinelli and Carla Scacchetti.
From a small artisan workshop we have become a leading company, specialized in the field of comfortable, feminine and sexy underwear, thanks to our dedication and our values of seriousness, quality, experience, creativity and passion.

Years of study, work, happy collaborations and a vision always projected towards the future, have led us to acquire new brands and to expand our offer also in other segments, such as homewear and sleepwear. But above all, they have allowed us to become a reality of over 400 employees and more than 8 million garments distributed in more than 20 countries.
A reality of which we are proud, but which does not keep us from understanding and interpreting, even today, women, their spirit, their needs and their time.


Our work is a craft of art, made of care, style, details. Quality materials, excellent dexterity and experience, attention to detail: all in full Made in Italy style.

This is how a Lormar artifact was born. From the selected fabrics, from the design of our stylists and the wise know-how of modelers and tailors, we obtain a unique product, designed and made to measure by real women, always with a very high wearability. A real must for Lormar, who loves to combine comfort, aesthetics and perfect proportions in every garment, always making the most of femininity.


There is no beauty for beauty's sake.
And there can be no sensuality without fit and comfort. This is how we think about it, and women have been proving us right for more than forty years.
It will be because we love them and enhance their bodies, enhancing their curves rather than sacrificing them, calibrating every centimeter with tasteful choices in full Italian style, giving life to a luxury accessible to all. It will be because we know that femininity is a great, generous, soft power, which must be embraced, supported, maintained. An authentic value that cannot fade and that we have always guarded with our work.


From the small corset workshop born in 1971, we have become a leading company in the fashion and lingerie sector: we produce millions of garments and have an international presence in over 20 countries.

We have expanded production to other product lines in addition to lingerie:
Pajameria: dedicated to women who love to feel elegant even while sleeping; Beach line: fashionable, comfortable and refined swimsuits for modern women.

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