Lormar presents a new line of bras, briefs and Brazilian bras to enhance femininity with two different styles: "Frizzante" in lace and "Naturale" in smooth microfiber. All bras and briefs in the series have a perfect fit, wrap and support just like water. Comfort and beauty are the watchwords in each model, both in the lace version for those who feel a little more "sparkling" and in the microfiber version for those who love a more natural style! What distinguishes the new line of Lormar bras and briefs The new models created by Lormar are particularly comfortable, ideal to be worn every day throughout the day. Precisely to ensure maximum comfort we have created a new padded model without underwire: the Triangolo Sail bra, available in both lace and smooth microfiber. All models of padded bras are characterized by a Soft Touch padding, which gives a further note of seduction and offers a pleasant support, in harmony with the elegance and refinement of the fabrics even for the most generous breasts. Refined and innovative details give this new continuous line an extra gear! The new garments are available in three different colors: white, black and the new powder pink, a special fresh and bright shade of great trend. All models of bras and briefs are declined in both versions, to create the perfect suit in lace, smooth microfiber or coordinating the two different fabrics together, no limits to the comfort and needs of every woman, who can feel natural, sparkling or naturally sparkling.

Same comfort... same models... for two different styles.

Underwear Line "Frizzante" - all lace source of well-being and beauty The "Sparkling" version of the line of bras and briefs is made entirely of lace, but it is not a classic lace, a particular fabric has been chosen: the LEAVERS LACE, characterized by extreme lightness and well-defined designs, which form a precious embossed decoration giving a "tattoo" effect on the skin.

The design of the garments is therefore modern, refined and elegant, perfect for special occasions, dedicated to all those women who cannot do without lace, but at the same time are looking for an underwear so comfortable and comfortable that it can be worn every day, without renouncing delicate fibers on the skin.

A precious LEAVERS LIE for all PIZZO LOVERS ❤️ ...

"Naturale" Underwear Line - the invisible source of well-being and beauty For the "Natural" version, we have chosen an extremely comfortable fabric, an ULTRA SOFT smooth microfiber brushed with microcarbon, a process that makes the fabric much softer and more pleasant to the touch, for a "second skin" effect, like a caress on the skin. Comfort is the protagonist of this line designed for maximum pleasure of contact on the skin.

Models of impeccable and invisible bras and briefs under every outfit, thanks to the absence of seams on the cups and the laser cutting of the briefs, perfect to be worn at any time of the day.

Zero discomfort, maximum comfort and super support are the essence of the bras of the new Natural Line, which does not

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