If the push up bra is your favorite underwear, you'll fall in love with Lormar push up bikinis and you won't be able to do without them. The push up bra is a love at first sight, once tried it is impossible to do without it, it makes you feel beautiful, enhances the shapes, supports without forcing and is also very comfortable, thanks to the soft and light padding in gel or air + gel.

And at the sea or by the pool, you can always count on Lormar push up swimsuits, without sacrificing the comfort and fit of your favorite bras.

5 reasons to choose a push up bikini at the beach or in the pool If the idea of a push up swimsuit leaves you perplexed, know that there are at least 5 good reasons to choose it... Trust me you won't regret it.

1) A push up bikini supports and shapes the breasts just like an intimate bra: even the models tied to the neck, such as the new Elba push up bra costume, are very comfortable, do not weigh down the neck and support in maximum comfort.

2) You will be free to swim, sunbathe or play beach volleyball: the bikini with push up bra will accompany you in all your movements, making you always feel at ease, if you are a sportswoman the Mexico bandeau bra is the right model for you, it will always remain in place on every occasion and you can wear it with or without straps depending on the occasion.

3) The microfiber of our swimwear ensures breathability and lightness, you will not feel hotter anymore.

4) A bikini push up enhances the shapes like no other costume: its structure and the padding of the lower part raises and brings the breasts closer, enhancing the décolleté.

5) It is a valid ally to feel more beautiful, even on the beach or in the pool.

If you love bras with +2 sizes effect you can also choose a super push up costume like that of the Sfera Gold series, available in new shades of the latest fashion. In addition, the costume, thanks to the padding, will stay wet longer and you will always feel fresh ... even under the scorching August sun! ;-)

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